March Madness

Tara Jacoby · 03/03/15 05:56PM

It's March. More precisely: it's March Madness. We survived February, the worst winter month. Spring is sort-of-almost here. To celebrate, we are sharing our personal, unique (March) madnesses with one another, in a sort of emotional spring-cleaning dump: together, we'll remember the times we did something totally out of character (something crazy to escape the winter, for example, or when you stayed up all night googling your cold symptoms and came away convinced you had cancer) or maybe an experience of crazed competition (when you won something huge or lost something even bigger). The March Madness reading will be an opportunity for cathartic over-sharing, for getting our neuroses and weirdness out in the open with a drink in hand and a look to the warmer weather ahead. Things will get better, we'll tell ourselves. This event, at least, will be a start.