The Gawker Media art staff had a nice month. Here's a bunch of favorites, all from February of 2015.

Above, Not Just Another Murder in South Los Angeles, [Jim Cooke]

The Problem With Calling Women 'Females', [Jim Cooke]

Tinder Is Dead, [Tara Jacoby]

Would Jesus Christ Go See 50 Shades of Grey This Weekend?, [Jim Cooke]

Your Relationship Is Only As Good as the Lies Holding it Together, [Jim Cooke]

Storytime With Mom: A Genealogy of Rape, [Tara Jacoby]

The Only Tinder Opening Line You Need, [Jim Cooke]

Video Games' Blackness Problem, [Sam Woolley]

Can I Get an Instagram Shout-Out from a Celeb for My Birthday?, [Tara Jacoby]

An Exceedingly Polite Beginner's Guide To Anal Sex, [Jim Cooke]

How Video Game Breasts Are Made (And Why They Can Go Wrong), [Jim Cooke]

We Made Anti-Valentine's Day Cards for Your Not-So-Special Someone, [Tara Jacoby]

Why Nationwide Loves Its Dead-Kid Ad, [Sam Woolley]

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring Without Selling Your Kidneys, [Tara Jacoby]

The Case That the Saudis Did 9/11, Explained, [Jim Cooke]

It's Really Hard to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun License, [Jim Cooke]

This Week's Puzzle Has A Very Simple Solution. Can You Find It?, [Tara Jacoby]

We Fed Cookies Made Out Of Bugs To Our Coworkers. Here's What Happened., [Jim Cooke]

How To Take A Vacation Alone, [Tara Jacoby]

Practicing Islam in Short Shorts, [Jim Cooke]

On Falling In and Out of Love With My Dad, [Jim Cooke]

A Short, Freakish History of Mothers Harming Their Children For Money, [Jim Cooke]

Please Don't Post Open-Casket Photos On Facebook, [Sam Woolley]

How to Throw a Bachelorette Party That's Actually Fun, [Tara Jacoby]

No, You Absolutely Do Not Have to Love Your Job, [Tara Jacoby]

What Happens When a Prominent Male Feminist Is Accused of Rape?, [Jim Cooke]

"Sports Analytics" Is Bullshit Now, [Jim Cooke]

Can You Marry Outside Your Class? Yes, If You Talk About It, [Tara Jacoby]

How Creeps Will Use the Internet to Break into Your Home, [Tara Jacoby]

How Much Do Drugs Cost In Your City? Take the Great American Drug Survey, [Jim Cooke]

Kevin Durant Is Turning Into Drake Right Before Our Eyes, [Sam Woolley]

Tommy Chong Didn't Teach Me Shit About Rolling A Joint, [Sam Woolley]

How to Take the Perfect Valentine's Day Dick Pic, [Jim Cooke]

Help! My Le Creuset Has Grown Fur!, [Jim Cooke]

The Best Way To Recover From A Break-Up — According To Science, [Tara Jacoby]

No More, The NFL's Domestic Violence Partner, Is A Sham, [Jim Cooke]

Women at Work: We're Doing All the 'Office Housework,' Too, [Tara Jacoby]

Your Computer Is Filthy. Why Won't You Clean It?, [Sam Woolley]

'Nothing Short of Attempted Murder': A Brief History of Anti-Vaxxers, [Jim Cooke]

Mirrors Are Going Extinct, [Tara Jacoby]

What Do You Think Will Be the Doom of Civilization?, [Tara Jacoby]

Don't Read These Beloved Children's Books To Your Kids, [Jim Cooke]

Brands Are Not Your Friends, [Jim Cooke]

Make Hitler Happy: The Beginning of Mein Kampf, as Told by Coca-Cola, [Jim Cooke]

A History of Internet Spying, Part I, [Jim Cooke]

The Lost Emoji, [Sam Woolley]

There Should Be Two Lines at Bars: a Manifesto, [Jim Cooke]

A Look Inside the Terrible Manual Cops Use to Teach 'Rape Prevention', [Jim Cooke]

Should You Ditch Fairytales and Teach Your Daughter Science Instead?, [Tara Jacoby]

Fact: Parents Are Begging to Be Lied to Every Single Day, [Jim Cooke]

Why You Won't Be Able To Buy An Apple Car, [Sam Woolley]

Bank Security Is So Bad That a Simple Phishing Scam Can Cost $1 Billion, [Tara Jacoby]

Why Is My Smart Home So Fucking Dumb?, [Jim Cooke]

Can You Solve One Of Archimedes' Most Challenging Puzzles?, [Jim Cooke]

Labor of (Someone Else's) Love: My Summer Planning Weddings in Italy, [Tara Jacoby]

The Hater's Guide To Chuck E. Cheese's, [Sam Woolley]

How Auto Journalism Fails When Nationalism Gets Involved, [Sam Woolley]

The Fault, [Jim Cooke]

This Is the Revenge Porn Law We Need in America, [Jim Cooke]

The Lesbian Jewish Leftist Conspiracy Tearing Reddit Apart, Untangled, [Jim Cooke]

How To Quit Your Job To Be A Better Feminist (And Parent), [Tara Jacoby]

Put On Some Music If You Want to Feel Like You're Falling in Love, [Tara Jacoby]

What Is the Purpose of Black History Month? A Roundtable, [Jim Cooke]

Your Imaginary Girlfriend: Taylor Swift, Pt. II, [Jim Cooke]

Godless Parents Are Doing a Better Job, [Jim Cooke]

Fuck Pikachu, [Sam Woolley]

How Do I Look in These Genes? The Science of DNA Dating, [Tara Jacoby]

How To Talk To Girls On Twitter Without Coming Off Like A Creepy Rando, [Tara Jacoby]

The Stories Behind Some Of Pro Gaming's Oddest Names, [Jim Cooke]

How Much Longer Before Companies Start To Run Themselves?, [Jim Cooke]

The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook, [Jim Cooke]